9/11/2001 – looking forward – a vid journal

Tomorrow will be eleven years since Hunter made a visit to Sedona, Arizona. It was the trip, by which, the following year, Hunter made the first of many moves from New York to Arizona and back again. He will for the remainder of his life consider that first visit the turning point of his life, particularly considering the day that followed his arrival in the southwest.

Eleven years ago this Monday, Hunter was gathered with his then life partner and her family in a time share in West Sedona. We learned that our nation was under attack. Later in the day, stunned and emotionally exhausted, we wandered around Uptown, Sedona’s tourist hub. Few were shopping, arguing, fucking, partying, playing, or working particularly affectively – anywhere – on that day in 2001. We instead wept, whispered, prayed, and planned. The nation bowed Her head asking a nearly silent “why”?

Eleven years later we know the “why’s”.

Two days from now we as a nation officially remember the events of 9/11 as well as eleven years of learning. We’ve learned much, much, much more about what informed the ‘why’ . We must always remember that learning.

Not one man, woman, or child has been left untouched – anywhere – by those ‘why’s’, by the attack on September 11th, 2001, or by events to follow; neither Christian, nor Jew, or Muslim; neither deist nor Taoist; whether unaffiliated, Unitarian, Mormon, member of the Black Squirrel Society, Pastafarian, Rastafarian, atheist, agnostic, Buddhist, Bahaist, or Objectivist – none are left unaffected – no one. The irrationality and the scope of the damage of 9/11, and of the irrationalities to follow, hang over us still.

Those evils poison the air the way that the debris and the smoke left in the wake of the attacks never could. The hate, distrust, fear, manipulations, opportunism, and anger sparked by murderous thugs who dared to kill in the name of God lurk and linger. These poisons left by pitiful disciples of death are a dark and dank cloud choking the spirits of otherwise hopeful, loving people.

Sing For Me and Sniperhunter2012 offer a video journal; a musical prayer and celebration of hope in the face of hate, reason and pride in the face of those who pursue Jihad and Crusade.

Eleven years later…still standing…

Rascal Flatts – Stand

you get mad, you get strong. Wipe your hands, shake it off. And you stand.

Nearly a quarter century since the Cold War ended…New enemies to hate…at home and abroad. Have we learned nothing?

Billy Joel – Leningrad

cold war kids were hard to kill, under our desks in an air raid drill. Haven’t they heard we won the war? What do we keep on fighting for?

Always folks there to pick up the pieces and help us through….often at their own risk.

Yellowcard – Believe

everything’s gonna be alright, everything’s gonna be alright. Be strong, believe.

Those who survive cannot forget the horrors of hate.

My Chemical Romance – Skylines and Turnstiles

And after seeing what we saw, can we still reclaim our innocence?
And if the world needs something better,Let’s give them one more reason now.
This broken city sky, like butane on my skin stolen from my eyes
Hello, Angel tell me, where are you? Tell me where we go from here

And still we were loved first

Casting Crowns – Who Am I?

May the disciples of unreason and death, wherever they hide, come to embrace the Light and seek the Source.


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About Hunter Nash; Nash Communications

Over ten years wasted in self imposed exile - working for cash to exist rather than creating and working for Self in order to LIVE. Five years in a creative frenzy. Five years of work lost/stolen. Two years reevaluating EVERYTHING I once believed and held dear. Two months on the street with WIDE open eyes and a new perspective. One month that changed EVERYTHING. One week which held the key to open up the world for me. One day is all it takes to guide or to change a life. Go Full Human. Here I am alive.

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