Song of the day – SOS – A challenge to the dark (via the Guardian UK and SoundCloud)

In a piece published in The Guardian UK indie group SOS says they are convinced they

are the saviours of rock’n’roll. “It’s a fuck-you to the grind of everyday living,” they declare of their new single, A Challenge to the Dark, “a struggle against the darkness, an escape route to a better place.” They continue: “Sonically it’s a challenge to the mainstream, lyrically it challenges the apathy that dominates popular culture in the UK. Above all this is a band to believe in.”

Song of the Day

SOS – A Challenge To the Dark


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Over ten years wasted in self imposed exile - working for cash to exist rather than creating and working for Self in order to LIVE. Five years in a creative frenzy. Five years of work lost/stolen. Two years reevaluating EVERYTHING I once believed and held dear. Two months on the street with WIDE open eyes and a new perspective. One month that changed EVERYTHING. One week which held the key to open up the world for me. One day is all it takes to guide or to change a life. Go Full Human. Here I am alive.

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