Band news: Week of 10/1 – 10/8

Band and album news; week of 10/1-10/8 2012:

This week saw major milestones for 80s/90s Rock/Alternative/Indie stalwarts REM, Rage Against the Machine, and New Order, as well as a big announcement from Indie Dean Ween of the recently defunct Indie favorite Ween.

Consequence of Sound reports this week that Dean Ween has broken his silence following the surprise breakup of his band Ween, with Dean announcing that he’s

[at work on his first solo album with] “the best musicians [he’s] encountered over the years,” including Josh Homme (who is serving as producer),Ween’s Glenn McClelland and Claude Coleman, Nick Oliveri, Joe Kramer, Andrew Weiss, Dave Dreiwitz, Joe Russo, Chuck Treece, Scott Metzger, and Guy Heller

Check out the full COS article here as well as this YouTube vid – Sing For Me’s pick from Ween

In other news:

R.E.M, whose monumental ascent in the late 80s/early 90s “marked the point when post-punk turned into alternative rock”, celebrate the 20th anniversary of their legendary and arguably most critically acclaimed and popular album Automatic For the People.

Def check out Stereogum’s celebratory article/review. .

Also celebrating a two decade milestone are Rage Against the Machine, releasing their box set Rage Against the Machine – XX on November 27th, “to mark the twentieth anniversary of their self titled debut album”. For more on the release hop on over to Rolling Stone Online

Finally, punk/new wave favorite New Order also made news last week. According to Spin, “The reunited New Order’s gig at the Fox Theater on Friday was their first U.S. show in seven years”.

Sing For Me is particularly excited about New Order finally playing the U.S. after such a long time working across the pond. Guys, we miss you.

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Vids courtesy of YouTube and the respective video’s YouTube users.


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