Best time in history for new musicians?


Musician (Photo credit: Travel Aficionado)

Been saying this for years (and not just about all the prospects out there just for musicians). It’s about damn time someone with clout and/or credibility (that’d be just about anyone other than me) chimed in.

In his Digital Music News article that helps to refute our culture’s prevailing blame-i-tude mentality Paul Resnikoff, the publisher and founder of Digital Music News provides ample evidence that

Musicians Are Better Off Than Ever Before In History.

Resnikoff offers stats, from today and from years past, showing that musicians have more options for making inroads in the field and more opportunityto make use of technologies; technologies and networking, and digital word of mouth promotion, which make producing music easier than ever (and, imho, often better). These tools, previously unavailable, create far more ways to make money independent of the ever-more-irrelevant “insiders”.

He backs up these stats with evidence of the cynical, concerted, ugly effort of those same “insiders” to convince musicians they won’t succeed without an “in”. And, btw, he also shows how musicians today are better paid than ever before, even though far less monetary investment by the musician himself is now needed to ensure success.

In other words, Resnikoff exposes the open secret in music: music industry bigs, threatened by the glut of options available to musicians are, in affect, engaged in an active campaign to convince you the musician that “your talent, drive, ambition, and fan support will never get you there without us, so don’t bother, you aren’t enough”.

Of course this attempted shut down of the artist’s pride not only keeps the egos and employment opportunities for music industry “you need me’s” in the black, it yanks cash from your guitar case to stuff in their pockets to pay themselves.

Resnikoff solidly demolishes the ridiculous, soul crushing myth of the necessarily starving artist.

Will every foursome of twentysomethings with drums, a guitar, and a dream become the next stadium rock megastars? Of course not. Success at some level, however, and playing at any level is now possible for all of us.

Resnikoff’s defense of what’s possible for folks is music to my ears. I’ve been saying the same shit all long, and not just about music.

The internet and the digital age (ugh, i hate that term, it’s so damn cliche) have made it possible for anyone to do what they wish to do (and to succeed at some level) in any field they desire, providing they get up off of their asses!

Talent, a bit of luck, and freedom (clarification for socialist/leftist dumbasses: I mean economic freedom, not yr schlocky political freedom crap!) to act without interference are pretty much all that are necessary for success (define success for yourselves, folks) in the age of “push a keyboard key, make it happen”.

Got talent? A unique sound? A taste for success? Got drive? Friends (cyber or irl)? A workhorse on those strings or that keyboard? Got a school nearby with a music department if you’ve got no instrument, yet? A library card if ya got no computer at home? Then you’ve got opportunity and potential up the ass.

Got excuses? Got lazy? Got blame-i-tude? Then ya got no success and you don’t deserve any.


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