Trust the guitar, trust the guitarist? – a chart

Jim Beam Red Stag a black cherry infused Bourbon.

Jim Beam Red Stag a black cherry infused Bourbon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For fun and for points to ponder we’ve got a chart from Buzzfeed that determines the moral stature of a guitarist solely by the instrument he plays.

So you want to find out whether you’re a douchebag or a saint?

Would you carry groceries you’ll never eat up three flights of stairs or help fix/upgrade their crapass laptop without complaint or payment? Will you steal cash outta their wallets and trash the place with Jim Beam spills while crashing on your bud’s couch waiting by the phone for word on your next gig? Now you can learn all you need to know ’boutcher self without spending days upon days on all that pesky responsible, objective judgement.

Finally, a shortcut to moral self-evaluation!


Many thanks to Buzzfeed and to designer/illustrator Chris Gregori for the chart! {large version of the chart here and full downloadable illustrations of the guitars here.


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Over ten years wasted in self imposed exile - working for cash to exist rather than creating and working for Self in order to LIVE. Five years in a creative frenzy. Five years of work lost/stolen. Two years reevaluating EVERYTHING I once believed and held dear. Two months on the street with WIDE open eyes and a new perspective. One month that changed EVERYTHING. One week which held the key to open up the world for me. One day is all it takes to guide or to change a life. Go Full Human. Here I am alive.

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