Having flashbacks?

With Hunter soon to reach the dubious milestone of spending a 1/4 century out of the rathole of despair and boredom which was high school he’s feeling nostalgic for the lightness of his youth.

This week Buzzfeed’s Music Editor Matthew Perpetua seduced music fans of a certain age group into a trip down memory lane with his group of ‘vintage’ music ads (and fuck you, Buzzfeed, for labeling these pics ‘vintage’!).

This music flashback from the late 80s – mid 90s might make folks yearn for their old Walkmans and tapes of The Real World London.


Metallica, “Master of Puppets” [1986]


R.E.M., “Monster” [1994]


Nine Inch Nails, “The Downward Spiral” [1994]


INXS, “Kick” [1987]


Bush, “Sixteen Stone” [1994]


The Smashing Pumpkins, “Siamese Dream” [1993]


Echo and the Bunnymen, “Echo and the Bunnymen” [1987]

When you’re done with this classic (not ‘vintage’, Buzzfeed!) cover of the Doors, take a re-look at the tune/video that launched the MTV era


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About Hunter Nash; Nash Communications

Over ten years wasted in self imposed exile - working for cash to exist rather than creating and working for Self in order to LIVE. Five years in a creative frenzy. Five years of work lost/stolen. Two years reevaluating EVERYTHING I once believed and held dear. Two months on the street with WIDE open eyes and a new perspective. One month that changed EVERYTHING. One week which held the key to open up the world for me. One day is all it takes to guide or to change a life. Go Full Human. Here I am alive.

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