Misc music LOL’s & WTF’s

Anarchist Queer Go-Go Disco - A New Genre?

Anarchist Queer Go-Go Disco – A New Genre? (Photo credit: Iain Tait)

A few snicks and giggles cus I got nothin’ on the tunes front today. Just for the random.
{all images (unless otherwise noted) courtesy of Cheezburger

First…a bit on artists:




Ouch…poor Ringo!


And OUCH!!! Leave Nickelback alone…while you’re at it learn to spell, dumbasses.

Now for a bit on songs & lyrics



Finally, how’s bout some commentary on genre?



If only some folk HAD some knowledge of music genre…




While we’re on genre we can end this waste of your time with some rap for all us science geeks:

{YouTube vid straight outta The Coma Niddy Show}


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