The High-lites: Taking a little musical trip

Rock music and a musician’s life are notoriously linked to drinking and the drug culture (thank God). Yes, many musicians and bands remain drug/alcohol free (or at the least, moderated), yet the assumptions linger. Why the connection? Critics of the culture always ask “why are drugs or alcohol (hopefully, both) so integral to a musicians life and work?” You know the thinking, right?


Most obvious response to the killjoys who ask “why the high life?”…

“Cus’ it’s fun, dumbasses”.

For a more reasoned response you could tell the naysayers how drugs and booze help to prepare for anything, even a terrifying super-storm…


With this in mind Sing For Me offers for your amusement (or longings) a drug and alcohol themed walk through the musical world…

We all know how politically and socially aware musicians and music fans can be. Sometimes politics can be so tedious, though. We’re lucky that there’s always…


Occasionally, however, drug fueled great ideas will turn out to be not so much with the great.

Only a drug induced psychosis could explain why the music gods would think this is a good idea…



Truth be told we humans aren’t alone in seeking the higher road to creativity…


So why are we so convinced of the truth of..


So much so that we even write heavy theoretical tomes…


And some works which don’t exactly ask us to “just say no”


Though there are the ones that are, say, a bit ominous..


“Pleasure and pain” and “drugs” in “music”? Gotta admit, that sounds almost on track…


Cus’ without a drink or a smoke this ain’t nearly so funny…


This either… 20121029-045710.jpg

With the bass booming ‘n’ the booze flowin’ you can almost catch the rhythm of whichever genius thought of…


not to mention the chain of altered consciousness that must have been needed when taking this little quiz…


Now of course the naysayers do like to step in to spoil the party…


And sometimes they hit with a cheap shot…


In which case ya can always hit back. Ya might wanna go lowbrow…


The anti-drug/alcohol crusaders def speak a very different language…

{not all drugs are as harmless as music}

But even that crusader had to appeal to some element of music’s lower impulses… “Hmm, rock and roll, drugs, and…whhh??..”


Ah, little Euro bastards..


And we gotta admit this drug/alcohol free music fest does look like it was amazing…


though even without the chemical refreshments they clearly wanted a way to simulate the experience.

Lord knows one needs some form of chemical inducements to enjoy (or even to understand)…

Um, why, and um… Just. No.
Not enough Jager in the world…

Though this guy just might find a way to harmonize with even her crap sound…


This fantastic lady found a way to meld her fantastic sound with a random drunk schlub…

Proving conclusively that booze and a happy spirit (along with some acoustic genius and a bit of tolerance) make for beautiful music.

This guys schtick, however, is not and will never be a song (or an um, political (?) statement) we’d want to hear twice.

{insert personal political statements here….
20121029-065245.jpg }

When all is said and done music and mental alteration by licit and/or illicit chemicals certainly can be amazing bedfellows 20121029-065955.jpg

And that drug thang certainly don’t always make things worse


Just a bit of 20121029-070749.jpg

And certainly a bit more of 20121029-071006.jpg

{insert personal political statement}

And the world of music, the musician, and the music fan is shot through with beauty….


With this in mind, please enjoy something slightly different.

How many special people change? How many lives are living strange? Where were you while we were getting high? Slowly walking down the hall Faster than a cannon ball Where were you while we were getting high? Someday you will find me Caught beneath the landslide In a Champagne Supernova in the sky Someday you will find me Caught beneath the landslide In a Champagne Supernova A Champagne Supernova in the sky


{Sing For Me owns none of the pics or the vids, though we’re damn appreciative of ’em. images found on Buzzfeed and Google Images. Videos courtesy of Kthescreamer ,GnesaMusic , and Richard Blumenfeld. Lyrics for ‘Champagne Supernova’ by Oasis courtesy of E Lyrics}


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Over ten years wasted in self imposed exile - working for cash to exist rather than creating and working for Self in order to LIVE. Five years in a creative frenzy. Five years of work lost/stolen. Two years reevaluating EVERYTHING I once believed and held dear. Two months on the street with WIDE open eyes and a new perspective. One month that changed EVERYTHING. One week which held the key to open up the world for me. One day is all it takes to guide or to change a life. Go Full Human. Here I am alive.

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